AirBorne Charters brings you quick solutions for any hard to transport cargo while meeting your delivery deadline!


We pay close attention to the finest details when it comes to transporting sensitive, temperature-controlled cargo. We understand every second count and make sure that the goods arrive in the best condition to their destination.


From shifting animals from one habitat or enclosure to another or making sure our equine friends make it to their races on time, we ensure IATA compliant transport of animals and livestock.


The Electronics market is dynamic and so are we! Right from transporting dangerous electronics, electronic gadgets, batteries and more, we offer bulk transport services. With us, technology reaches across the globe.

Printed Material

We charter everything from high value currency notes to printed books that provide education to the smallest villages across the globe.

Defence Cargo

We offer an extensive range of military and defence cargo services to government and private defence manufacturers and suppliers including moving arms, ammunition and military vehicles for repairs, defence and peacekeeping missions.


For any Aircraft part replacement or turn around Engine replacement services, our cargo charter team is 24/7 available.

Music, Film & Sports

Multiple stop roadshows and events, short and time critical stage set up equipment deliveries are now possible with AirBorne cargo charter solutions.

Mining Equipment

We can assist with moving odd size mining equipment and heavy machinery like excavators, crushers and mining haul trucks to mining locations around the globe.

Project & Odd Sized Cargo

We have ready access to bulk aircraft with the ability to carry heavy Oil and Gas turbines, extremely linear heat exchangers, rotors, generators and other heavy industrial equipment that may need air charter solutions.

Remote Locations & War Affected Areas, Relief Charter

When war torn regions and natural disaster affected areas need food supplies, water and medication you can trust AirBorne Charters to be your partner and help save lives.

Dangerous Goods

Radioactive substances, bulk chemical transport & battery shipments can be transported through air services with an observance of the strict guidelines proposed by IATA. ABC will be your guide to assist with air charter solutions for these goods making sure the entire process is IATA compliant.

Cargo Charters

AirBorne Charters brings you the most cargo charters facilities for a wide range of product transportation services.

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